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  1. Fox creek Alberta 15 foot ditch sunk an took the hoe with it
  2. Oilfield Trucking Offroad - Sometimes you get stuck
  3. This was taken in Bonnyville Alberta a welder lost his skid
  4. My poor truck
  5. This was in Texas Last March. Casing separated 100feet underground.
  6. Sweet pics you've captured
  7. let us all know
  8. How bout this weather?
  9. She sure stuck
  10. That's going to cost...
  11. Rangely, co
  12. Service rig out in Elk Point Alberta
  13. Amazingly he survived!!
  14. Oil Driller Breaches Salt Mine Under Louisana Lake
  15. The whole flare stack caught fire 05/03/14
  16. Chemical hose wrapped around the tires
  17. Trucker burn out
  18. Opps in Persall Texas
  19. How stuck can you get?
  20. Why I hate smart phones!
  21. Crane fuck up!!
  22. Lost my tire!
  23. On 117 in south Tx
  24. Carlsbad New Mexico Lost his tire
  25. Semi hit the water
  26. OFFU YouTube Channel Videos
  27. She's gone from suck to blow!
  28. Disaster waiting to happen
  29. Bit muddy
  30. Need a longer tow rope?
  31. Blackfalds Alberta
  32. In Carrizo springs. u know they been down this road before
  33. Well you see...
  34. Gotta love it
  35. Tell us what happened?
  36. One crazy oilfield news report
  37. Watford city ND Oilfield workers running from tornado
  38. the view few are lucky to have
  39. Oil well accident
  40. Testing northern bc.
  41. drilling northern bc
  42. having a bit of fun. Alberta
  43. Anybody Here Working the Fayetteville shale area in Arkansas ?
  44. Midland tx.
  45. clogged line while unloading.. .. Saskatchewan bla bla bla
  46. water management company.. not handling the water so well
  47. locks were engaged.. oops..
  48. Oops no chains
  49. bit of oil field fuckup footage
  50. Shouldn't a dun that
  51. Should have let the lease hand load it up !
  52. Picking gone wrong
  53. Oilfield Pressure Washing Services in Edmonton And Nisku
  54. Liquid waste Removal Services in Edmonton And Nisku
  55. Commercial Pressure Power Washing in Charleston SC
  56. Guess how close to pipe he is