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Thread: Trucker burn out

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    Trucker burn out

    I never thought you could do a burn out in a big truck! Wouldn't that be hard on the truck?

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    What a dumb ass. He is going to wreak that truck!

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    That is some sick shit. That won't hurt that truck at all. He wasn't hopping or grinding gears. It's the tires that are toast

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    here was more wear and tear on it than just the tires. Brakes most certainly didn't like that.. The amount of heat caused by that could take out some wheel seals..

    Now that I've said that, that was pretty fucking awesome. That was a smooth burnout for a big rig.

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    Can't believe his didn't wreak anything! The owner should take that out of his pay maybe if will teach all dumb asses to respect the bosses property
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    at 300.00 each tire he didn't do the owner any favors.

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    burnout idiot

    Ah, no load on, and he slicked up the tires. Probably had a hand valve for the steering axle, fat truck style. It wasn't the brightest move I ever saw, but not that hard on anything except tires. Even at that, no big deal.

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    Why in the would would you want to try this?

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    RETARD no experience needed

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