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Thread: Hauling Oil By Trains vs pipelines?

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    Hauling Oil By Trains vs pipelines?

    How safe is it to haul oil by rail vs a pipeline? There seams to be more and more rail accidents lately! (See video)

    Thoughts comments?

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    Hauling oil by rail is not as safe as a pipeline. The amount of oil a pipeline safely transports out ways the risk. The only reason we have all of these oil cars is due to the fact the KeyStone pipeline is on a stand still!
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    Definitely not as safe as the pipeline, not to mention volumes handled. Drove me nuts in North Dakota when we'd open up for flowback, making 200+ an hour and couldn't get a truck to come get it because the rail depot was full. Always good for the well to damn near shut in less 12 hours after you open it.

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    I just think there is alot more that could go wrong hauling with a train rather than a pipeline

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