Welcome to the OFFU – OIL FIELD FUCK UPS Store


          Started in 2013, OFFU is you number one oil field facebook page and store. Based out of Saskatchewan, Canada were we are proud to support the oil workers of North America and Europe.



         In our store you will find lots of different oil field products for that hard working and even the lazy oil field man. We have everything from hoodies to hard hats (hopefully coming soon) We will continue to  strive to improve our products and brand so we can become the number one source of oil field apparel! If you can’t find what you are looking for or just want your name on the sleeve of your hoodie contract us.




FaceBook Page

         Those that don’t know we have facebook page you can find HERE on FaceBook. Our page is all about the oil field fuckups. People from all over the world send us photos so that we can post them. These photo’s help relieve some of the stress the hard working oil field worker has. He can now see that he only cause a little mishap, when comparing his to other workers photos.




Thank You

         All the staff at OFFU want to thank the hard working oil field worker! “Here is to the hard working oil field worker that helps get the oil out of the ground! Keep up the good work, and as always work smart not hard.[columnhelper span8]